The school offers free transfer to and from RECANATI station direct to school (arrival and departure) to all students. Book your arrival transfer from the airport of Ancona or from Rome airports/ Rome central train station (Termini) minimum 20 days in advance (only on the Sunday, day of arrival).

Look the directions on the map.

  1. On the line Roma-Ancona, the coincidence of Ancona consequently for the railway station of LORETO;
  2. On the line Lecce-Milan the coincidence of Ancona for the railway station of LORETO;
  3. On the line Florence-Foligno, the coincidence of Ancona consequently for the railway station of LORETO.

The nearest international airport is the Ancona-Falconara airport about 40 Km. far from Recanati.

Direct flights (even through “low cost” companies from RomeMilanLondonMunichParisMadridMoscow, etc (Alitalia, Ryanair, Lufthansa, charter flights).

The port of Ancona is 70 km from the school (1 hour by car, 60 minutes by train). Ferries sail daily for GreeceTurkeyCroatia, etc.


Contram is the transport company of Camerino and the whole province of Macerata. 

Eurolines has buses to Ancona or Bologna from all over Europe, an inexpensive and practical way to travel!

Flixbus has buses from all European cities to Recanati.